Friday, November 22, 2013

Quilling tips

As I had mentioned in my previous blog, I learned all about quilling from the net. I made few cards which were given in person, so no worry about the paper getting quashed. But for cards which I had to send by post??? I had inquired a quiller about how she makes the papers stiff and she said she applied varnish.

So I got an aerosol spray which was good, but the application was messy. The flowers got stuck to the board and I had difficulty in dislodging them. So I tried picture varnish, this was pretty good but didn't give the glossy finish. I read about Touchwood varnish, and tried. Oh My! Did it give glossy finish? Yes! but the papers lost their natural color. White became yellowish... :(

Oh well! I thought I will try clear varnish, but alas! the papers became too transparent and the feel was not good. 

Applied clear varnish, but you can see the leaves are too stiff and sticking together.

 After all these trials, I feel Camel picture varnish or a nail top coat ( top coat??? Yeah, it is too good but gets dry too quickly that I have to work without a fan... Whew!) are the best. If it is a bigger area, like the bamboo vase, I could play with the aerosol spray. 

I also tried without varnish or top coat, with the birthday card I made for my son. But few swirls got quashed since I had to send it by courier. I still feel pretty bad cos I had made the card with lots of care. :(

I am going to try a coat with Fevicol for earrings. Hope it works out well.


  1. I am Sukanya and a beginner.
    Recently I have tried quilled ear-rings and tried with clear varnish. What you are saying is correct. While color became pale yellow. Please let me know if something works out for you.


  2. hi sukanya, I am now sticking to Camel picture varnish and acrylic spray for larger works.


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